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Wartune beginner guide - get rewards with no experience

Harvest Gold, Kyanite, Daru


Allways have your Farm full. Allways seed the Kyanite because you can't seed more then one. Seed Daru if needed for upgrading creatures else seed only Gold. As long as it costs not too much, you should use Bound Balens in priority to upgrade your Land, which can be done once your farm is level 30.


Quarry your two mines as soon as you lose them.

Allways plunder succesfully five times per day. Check Battle Rating of your target just before the second confirmation to be sure you will win.

Plundering first confimation

Above is first confirmation, you can't check player's profile from there.

Plundering second confimation

Above is second and last confirmation.

If your Guild Master launch a Divine Altar event, try to join but do not fight any monster. You will earn a lot of Kyanites just for being there at the end.


Solo Dungeons

Do as many solo campaigns as you can, but choose those that won't give you experience, those with maximum recommended level at least eight levels less than yours. If you want the rewards for clearing whole campaign map, finish it when you have zero stamina. If you have time, recover stamina in Altar of Ennoblement to do up to three more solo campaings.

Multiplayer Dungeons

As long as other multiplayer dungeons give you too much experience, stick to a daily Nether Forest. This should be until you are level 36. If you are too weak, you can also find friends in guild to help you. If you want a particular quest which requires a too high level dungeon, you can choose not to use your daily attempts for this dungeon.

Once you can enter it, go to Tower of King once per day. To avoid experience, enter and leave immediately. You will get Devotion and Shadow Souls. At level 40, consider doing whole Tower of Kings at easy difficulty so you can after that enter it at normal difficulty and get a better Shadow Souls reward. 800 Shadow Souls are required to get another mount.


Battlegrounds Treasure Chest

Each day, during your two Battlegrounds Attempts, you can collect Shards. Go to the middle, get a cart from mineral, return it to officer (an angel or a winged demon) close to your camp and you will earn one to three Shards. Repeat the process and try to avoid offensive players. A player battling another one won't attack you before end of current battle, try to use that at your advantage.

Once you have 60 Shards, in Blacksmith menu open Synthesize tab, then Item section. From there you can spend 20000 Gold and 60 Shards to get a Battleground Treasure Chest. Open it and you could get a level 2 or 3 Gem or a Socketing Rod (or a less interresting thing).

Battlegrounds levels

If you level is 35 or more, you can be in either high level Battlegrounds or low level Battlegrounds. For instance, at level 35 you will end in Battlegrounds level 30-39 or Battlegrounds level 35-44. If things are going bad, you can quit this battleground and join another one five minutes latter. You can go from a high level Battlegrounds to a low level one this way. You can even avoid loss of time if you do this immediately after joining the soonest possible, because there is about 5 minutes before Battlegrounds start. This won't consume another Attempt, the Attempt is used for whole Battlegrounds session. Don't leave a quarter after the beginning of session because you can't join during the last five minutes and Battlegrounds last twenty five minutes.

Other daily events

World Boss

Fight each one you can. You won't gain experience and won't lose anything. Our lives for Daru and Gold!

Try to do double hits. A double hit is two blows while World Boss attacks only once. To do it, let your character lauch his automatic attack and at the beginning of the animation launch a quick attack (such as the mage's Lightning Bolt). After some Attempts you will know when to try a double hit or not.

Tank Trails

As soon as you are level 35, play them to get runes.

Amethyst Mine

As soon as level 25 go to Amethyst Mine every day. There is a daily double Amethyst event, try to go to Amethyst Mine at that very moment, if you are not afraid of being plundered.

Talk to Alicia close to the entry of mine to get a cart. Go to the collection area in north-east, collect Amethyst. Beware, you have to fill your bar five times to have your cart full. Then go to the Dump Minecart point in mort-west of mine and talk to Grecia and Dump you Mincart. Avoid being plunder if you can. Repeat the process twice, you should earn 200 Amethysts. Leave Mine and talk to Lilith for exchanging them with whatever you need. You should keep Amethysts for Ancient Snipe card first, then Adv. Mount Training Whip Packs and Fate Stone Chests.

All this can be done from mini-map. This permits to avoid attacking by missclick! After the first turn-in, you can also exit and enter back to go quciker to Alicia.

If you have strong friend or guildmate, you can ask him to escort you.

Hot Events

Check events, you can often get some rewards without getting experience.

There is sometimes an event for using Whips to train mount. Use your Whips during this event. Same thing for Soul Engraving.

There are also sometimes Hot Events relative to synthesis of Gems level 4 to 7 or Gems level 5 to 8.

Quests and Event Quests

When a Quest is finished, you don't have to click the popup! Wait it to desapear to avoid any experience you don't want.

Check available Quests and Event Quests in Quest Tracking. Some have no experience as a reward. Some rewards (such as the MATK or PATK Gem Transposer) are required and you will need to get them sooner or latter.

Login every day for Bound Balens

Each month, by login 26 times, you will earn great rewards including 300 Bound Balens.

The priority should be, as said above, to upgrade your Land in Farm. Once you feel this grows too expensive, or you have reached level 10 Land, your priority should be to keep your precious Bound Balens to buy wings as this is the only way to get them. This will take seven months with 26 daily logins each. Due to its high cost, the second Construction team should not be worthy at low level. It's even less useful at high level, you can consider never taking it.

Do not use Bound Balens to end Cooldowns, this is a waste!

Guild Blessing

Mainly once you won't need Contribution for Guild Skills (see next page), you can spend some Contribution to use Altar in Guild territory. This is another way to get Socketing Rods or Gems, but not only these. If you have finished buying guild skills or you believe they are sufficiently high enough for your level, you should try to use Altar as often as your guild allows it.

Get Devotion

Try to get the maximum reward you can without spending Balens and without getting experience. Until level 34, you can get the 60 Devotion reward. From level 35, you will get 80 Devotion each day, try not to miss this!

If you have some Bound Balens, from level 30 you can consider using some to get the 80 Devotion. The least expensive seems to be contributing in guild. You can contribute with 5 Bound Balens for one Contribution, but the most interresting seems to be contributing with a single Bound Ballen. This way you get the Devotion even if you don't earn any Contribution.

Ne négligez pas les mini jeux

Both Fishing game and Jewel Hunter game give good rewards.

Fishing game is available from level 28. As long as your Fishing level is no more than 4, it is recommende to target Luck Stone fishes for more fishing experience, and for best rewards you can stock or sell. From level 5 to 9, you have to target Bounty Scroll Fishes for faster levelling, or to keep catching Luck Stone fishes for better reward (which has doubled). From level 10 to 14, you can target Insigna fishes for easier experience, or continue with Bounty fishes for same experience but more Gold, while the Luck Stone fish will still give best drop. From level 15 to level 19, catch Crypt Token fishes both for the valuable Crypt Token and the maximum experience.

Jewel Hunter is only available from level 45 but gives way better rewards.

Dangerous things to be aware of

Avoid Tree of Ancients

Tree of Ancients

When you see this message inviting you to go to Guild Chamber because Tree of Ancients has been summoned, never go there! This is for characters that need experience, those of at least level 50.

If you want to energize tree, enter Guild Chamber before Guild Master summon the Tree of Ancients, energize it as soon as it appears and immediately leave.

Beware the damn Quest Tracking

You can get tons of experience you don't want by a single missclick. If you have to click something bellow it, you may reduce it but you should elapse it immediately after to avoid being caught by its diabolic auto-elapse.

Items to save

Several items are to be kept and used during the matching Hot Events: Soul Crystals, Mount Training Whip, Gems.

Other items to kept are Runestones (for upgrading your Runes, such as Brutality), useful for your class Potions (including Stamina ones), Scrolls (other than those for experience) Skeleton Keys (for Keys Runs) and Crypt Keys (for Tormented Necropolis or for Catacombs if you go deep inside). Don't hesitate to use Potions and Scrolls when you feel you need them.

Do not waste your Crypt Tokens, use them wisely. Spending them for Circuit Quests is a way to waste them!

Avoid at any price the Rested Experience

All your experience gains will be doubled until this made you earned as much as you have Rested Experience. Avoid the most you can to be offline more than one day to avoid this bonus.

Do not do the wrong Arena

The Arena Challenge Solo gives experience and no Insigna. This is Arena Party you need!

Do not activate some Summoned Cards set bonuses

Bonuses for four cards in Tauren Tribe or ShadowUndead Necropolis are more experience. Check here some cards to avoid to activate.

The Undead Necropolis bonus will impede you when farming Crypt Tokens, while Tauren Tribe bonus will impede you if you try to farm Crystaloids.

There should also be a bonus for thee cards of level 4 or more. Try to avoid it as long as we don't know what this bonus is.

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