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As I leave game I won't update this guide. He's for before Wartune 3.1 and thus has to be considered as partially outdated.

Wartune beginner guide

I am JinaDevil, a member of Arda guild on Kongregate server 9. Initially, I played Wartune just to get the Kongregate badge... Then I decided to continue a bit. I was invited to join Arda guild and accepted, I was not aware this would radically change the game for me. I saw that warning they give not to level up too quickly and did not understand why, so I kept going without caring. When I was about level 30, Furetto, our Guild Master, told me I was going wrong and would miss the game completely. He explained me I need to grow strong without levelling. If I didn't, players I will fight in PvP events will overpower me. He made some fights with me and another burden in Arena. God, he was so strong! When facing team of his level (you encounter mainly teams of your level in Arena), he crushed them all alone! So I decided I had to grow slowly, to be one day at least as strong as him!

Furetto, Arda Guild Master

This guide is made to help newbies. It is not a comprehensive list of all Wartune main contains, if you search this sort of thing visit this wiki or this blog. You should also visit burek's forums as you can find his Guild Battle Guide and perhaps there will be other thematic guides latter.

This guids focus only on players below level 50. From level 50, things start to be radically different, because you need to spend experience to buy Talents.

Why do I have to level up slowly?

In most PvP events (mainly Arena, Battlegrounds and plundering) you will mostly encounter opponents around your level. You will sooner or latter need rewards from those events. So, If you don't want to be stuck with poor rewards, you need at least average power for your level. Your power is somewhat measured by your Battle Rating.

The sooner you are cautious with this, the better it is. But do not worry. Even at level 40, things can still be caught up. You will get more frustration by being easily killed by others, but you will win more gold from Town Hall and Gold Refinery. You will even get more gold from World Bosses. So there in no point in panicking.

It is not necessary to camp (do not earn, or earn almost no experience) permanently. The best levels for camping seem to be between 41 and 44. Feel free to spend months here if you believe it is necessary.

Recommended before levelling

This table is a summary of what you need before levelling. Check other pages for details.

Current character levelRecommended things to get before next level
Any level between 30 and 49 Upgrade all buildings to current character level, upgrade all useful Academy Technologies to current character level, upgrade best creatures to current character level, get the maximum number of Crypt Tokens your patience allows.
30 Get at least 3 Astrals to wear. Start with MATK or PATK one.
34, 39, 44, 49 Get strong enough to feel comfortable when fighting most players of your level category in Arena or Battlegrounds, and strong enough to be a difficult target for some players of next category level in Battlegrounds.
34 Get 2,400 Insigna, buy and enchant Arena set for level 35.
39 Get 10,000 Insigna, buy 20 Royal Steed Card Shards, get Crusader rank, get at least Lvl 4 gems for all available slots, get at least 4 Astrals to wear, get 800 Crypt Tokens for level 40 Crypt jewels and rings. Save enough Daru to upgrade Knights to level 40 as soon as you get them (around 10 millions Daru). Try also to get the 20,000 Amethysts for the mount, they will be harder to get from the next level.
40 Stockpile Kyanites, because from level 41 you will need to use around 20,000 Kyanites per day to maximize the Blessing Wheel effect.
44 Get 3,000 Insigna, buy and enchant Arena set for level 45. Get Elite Crusader rank, because later it will be difficult to get it.
49 Get at least 5 Astrals to wear. Save enough Daru to upgrade Templars to level 50 as soon as you get them (around 32 millions Daru).

To have more details please check other sections, they can be found from menu in the right.

Other Tips

Promo Code

This is a tip found in the Wartune Kongregate forum, but it should work in a close way for others Wartune providers.

"If you have a new account, or an old one in which you’ve never redeemed a promo code for a gift pack, feel free to hop over to this page and grab one.

You can choose any server, and post the redemption code here ingame on the hot events tab redemption page section.

The gift pack contains:

It's one per character and rewards are bound.

You will need to have an account at to access the code generator."

This is mainly useful for beginners, but the Skeleton Key is nice for anybody.

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