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Wartune beginner guide - Insigna, Honor, PvP Points


Be sure not to mistake Arena Challenge Solo for Arena Party. The first one gives experience, do not play it. The second one gives the Insigna you need.

Arena Shop

There are different things you can get from Arena shop with Insigna.

For a total of 2400 Insigna, you can buy a powerfull set of equipment for level 35 (weapon, helmet, armor and necklace). The full set provide huge bonuses. Almost all good players of level 35 get it. So you need to buy this set, and even to enchant it, before you get level 35. If you level up slow enough, you should be able to use Socketing Rods to have three holes in each of these.

You can buy medaillons. You need high Honor and at least Private title to get the least one. Those medaillons have a limited duration, but most players buy the better medaillon they can.

At level 40, you will need 20 Royal Steel Card Shards to get a supplementary mount. Crusader title is required to buy them, so a lot of players try to get that title at level 39.

At level 45, another set is available in Arena Shop, try to get it and enchant it before levelling. It is worth 3000 Insigna.

If you have way more Insigna than you need at the moment, you can buy Lvl 3 EXP Books for 10 Insigna each and sell them, each for 2000 Gold.

PvP points

Each saturday morning, if you collected 1000 PvP points during the previous seven days, you will earn a Warrior Mark's Chest who will contain one Mount Spirit and a random second item which could be for instance another Mount Spirit or a Lvl 9 Luck Stone or five Mount Training Whips. You win PvP points mainly in Arena battles (see below) or in Battlegrounds during an Attempt at any fight you win. You need 34 Arena victories per week, which should not be difficult. Try to check if you need to get PvP points during Battlegrounds by estimating how many you can get in Arena each day.

You can check your weekly PvP points by clicking the following button in Arena screen, before choosing to create or join a room.

You will need 15 and 25 Mount Spirits to synthesize two Mount Cards and summon two supplementary mounts. Be careful not to synthesize twice the same or the third one which is not permanent and which lasts only seven days.

PvP points

Arena battles

You have 15 daily Attempts in Arena. You fight with two teamates. Each victory gives you 30 Insigna and 30 PvP points and each defeat gives 10 Insigna. So for all Attempts you will earn between 150 and 450 Insigna. You can fight more than your Attempts (to help friends with remaining Attempts), but you will get nothing for this, except victories for Prize Fighter title.

The level of your team is the level of you higher level teamate. You will mostly encouter teams of the same level category than yours (30-34, 35-39, 40-44 and so forth...) This is one of the reason why it is important to be powerful for his own level.


Once you feel you are strong enough, mainly once you wear the Arena set, you can do Battlegrounds to gain Honor by killing weaker opponents. Try to be fair-play and let those trying to get carts have one before you attack them. Fair-play is appreciated by other players.

If you can do more than two Battlegrounds a day, it is highly recommended allways to use the two first Battlegrounds to get Battle Shards, and the following only to gain Honor.

As long as you are not Crusader, you won't lose Honor when killed in Battlegrounds. If you lose Crusader title for losing Honor, you will immediately cease to lose Hnor. Crusader is also the higher title you can get from Honor before level 40. So, you won't get more Honor than the 32,000 required for Crusader title. Try to get this title before level 40.

Guild Battles

If your guild is one of the eight strongest of your server (Arda guild is) it will participate to Guild Battles. In the worst case, each participant of the losing guild (if they lose in less than 20 minutes) will earn 400 Honor and 400 Insigna. Losing in more time or winning will of course give even more.

Guild Battle mechanics

Each guild employs at most 50 participants and own a Watch Tower. The goal is either to get points by damaging ennemy Watch Tower or owning Mystery Towers, or destroying ennemy Watch Tower.

There are 4 other towers on the battle field. They are called Mystery Towers. Damage to ennemy Watch Tower is reduced to -100% with no Mstery Tower owned by guild, and each Mystery Tower increases damage to ennemy Watch Tower by +50%. Plus your Watch Tower regenerate if your guild has a Mystery Tower, and the more Mystery Towers guild owns the more Watch Tower regenerate.

You attack with creatures only against ennemy Watch Tower. If you are fighting another player, up to three teamates may join in each side. Beware, a dead player will still take a slot in battle!

If a guild is powerful enough to maintain ownership of all towers, it can destroy ennemy guild Watch Tower. The other way of winning is either having 4000 points more than ennemy guild, or having more points at end of countdown.

What should I do?

To have more details about Guild Battle mechanics and advices about strategy, please visit burek's Guild Battle Guide.

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